collision repair billings MT

Whether your windshield is cracked, your bumper is cracked or your air conditioner is broken, you'll get the auto body repair services you need from MarZee's Auto Body & Paint.

Our collision repair team will photograph the damage and provide you with a detailed estimate before we star any repair. We'll work with your insurance company on coverage of damages and work exclusively with Enterprise for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired in our auto body shop.

If your car is your baby, you hate to see it all banged up after an auto accident. You want to make sure it gets the proper attention to detail and the work is done right the first time. If you are passionate about your car turn to the auto body and collision repair experts at MarZee's Auto Body & Paint in Billings, MT right away.

We work on vehicles of all makes and models

You were sitting at a stoplight when you were suddenly sideswiped by a distracted driver. Now your ride is wrecked and you're trying to deal with your insurance company while searching for a reputable auto body repair shop.

That's where MarZee's Auto Body & Paint comes in. Visit our collision repair shop in Billings, MT for:

  • Mirror repair
  • Windshield repair
  • Coolant replacement
  • AC and radiator repair
  • Frame and suspension repair
  • Dent repair

We'll dismantle your vehicle to fix each individual part and then send your ride through every department in our collision repair shop to ensure the job was completed correctly. Get an estimate on auto body repair services from MarZee's Auto Body & Paint today by calling 406-534-8882 or 406-670-5446.

collision repair billings MT

5 Advantages of Immediate Collision Repair

The quickest way to start off your week on the wrong foot is to get in an auto accident. Wether the crash is minor or major, motorists are often left to wonder whether or not they should invest in collision repair or if it's even necessary. Holding off to get repairs right away saves you in repair costs in the short term, but you can leave yourself in a worse position down the road if you do not get your vehicle repaired.

If you're wondering if you should contact a local auto repair shop for collision work, consider all of the ways immediate action can make the experience worth your while.

1. Safety
The most important reason to get your car fully inspected and fixed after an auto accident to protect your safety and that of others on the road. While it may seem that your car is fine, internal components could be broken and cause a dangerous malfunction while driving. Similarly, safety mechanisms-such as airbags-may not be functional, and that could cost you your life.

2. Insurance Coverage
If you have collision or comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance policy, you will be required to get repairs done to keep that coverage. Typically, providers will not continue to offer this extra coverage if you aren't willing to keep the car in good condition. And if you are leasing or still making car payments, your lender will require this insurance to be maintained to protect their investment.

3. Undiscovered Problems
While your insurance claims adjuster will look over a vehicle to provide you with an auto repair estimate that they will cover, some problems may go undetected until a professional mechanic dives in. When this happens, they can work with your insurance provider to make sure additional problems are covered.

4. Corrosion
If only the body of your car was damaged, you may not feel that getting collision repair is necessary to maintain mechanical abilities. However, when left unattended, auto body damage is a major cause of rust. The longer corrosion occurs, the more likely it is that it will impact the frame, safety, and function of your vehicle.

5. Car Value
If you've paid off your vehicle, you run the risk of losing a big chunk of your investment if you choose not to seek out immediate collision repair. No matter what the age of the vehicle, problems caused by an accident will cause the car value to drop incredibly. In some cases, the vehicle may not even be able to be bought or traded in.

If you need collision repair in Billings, MT the services at Marzees Auto Body can make the process a breeze. We are a company that values the customer experience and work with all insurance providers to get you covered-and keep you updated throughout the process. Call (406) 534-8882 to schedule service or request a FREE estimate. We look forward to being your locally owned and operated auto body shop in Billings, MT.